All Saints Day (letter)

All Saints Day (letter)

M & L Morrissey

The Catholic Church honoured saints long before the first Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup and All Saints Day were in contest in 2005. The horses ran past the saints if the presence at Mass was any indication. The Feast Day has no special meaning it would appear.

Other rituals have replaced the age-old feast that traditionally honoured the saints of the Catholic Church. How many Christians have died in grace, who are known to God and are themselves only known in Heaven, yet we forget to think about them. The Catholic Church asks us to venerate the holy men and women who have helped to develop it with their blood, their labour and their virtues.

At an inner suburban Church where Mass is celebrated twice each Sunday for the parishioners, only ten attended the Mass on All Saints Day. Where were the others that day? The same number attended Mass on All Souls Day.

The relaxation of the Holy Days of Obligation has been of little help to the members of the faithful and the saints to whom we should offer glory.

Sandringham, Vic

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