AIDS Prevention

AIDS Prevention

Dr Arnold Jago

New AIDS cases per year have doubled in Australia over the past ten years and University of NSW researchers predict a further rise of 70 percent in the next few years (Herald Sun, 3 March 2008).

Things are getting worse because we focus on condom use.

Yet a few nations have falling HlV-infection rates - including Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe which have all made their central message 'partner reduction', i.e., faithfulness to husband, wife or 'partner'. Nearby condom-prom- oting South Africa has a high and un-improving infection rate.

UN agency, UNAIDS, says 'prevention campaigns relying primarily on condoms have not been responsible for turning around any generalised epidemic' (Internet website included in letter).

If a government focused its anti-obesity campaign on weight- loss pills, never mentioning eating reduction - what would we call them?

Mildura, Vic

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