AIDS in the Philippines

AIDS in the Philippines

Christopher Rule

I refer to the article "A Cardinal, AIDS and the BBC" by Msgr Peter Elliott (March AD2000). I would be interested to know where the Monsignor got his figures for the number of AIDS cases in Thailand and the Philippines.

In a cursory search of the Internet I came across several sources, e.g., UNAIDS and the BMA Aids Centre which indicate that the number of AIDS cases in Thailand is around the 700,000 mark, not far from the 750,000 cases indicated in the article by Msgr Elliott.

The only figure I was able to find for the number of cases in the Philippines was 9,400 a figure provided by UNAIDS. Whilst these figures may vary from those provided in the article, they in no way detract from the point that he makes, namely that HIV/AIDS cases are far fewer in the Philippines, where use of condoms is not promoted, than they are in Thailand, where condom use is promoted.

Gilmore, ACT

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