African prisoners seek correspondents

African prisoners seek correspondents

Len Clark

As a result of my having corresponded with inmates in an African prison over recent years I have been asked by three of those unfortunates to try to locate other Christians who may be interested in writing to prisoners on a regular basis.

These people exist in the most squalid situations - no clothes, no bed, no bedding, no chance to appeal, not enough food, not even any money with which to buy a postage stamp, no medical assistance, yet all have come to Christ since being sentenced.

If some of your readers would like to make the life of these Christian brothers a little easier please write to me at the address shown and include a couple of International Reply Paid Coupons from the post office. I will forward your letters to Zambia, and the prisoners at Kabwe will reply to you by air mail.

To help ease the boredom of their existence at night they also seek others who may like to donate small battery radio cassette/recorders with headphones (or walkmans) with Christian tapes - especially Christian teaching tapes.

Quoting from their letters, Geoffrey C. writes, 'Will you help me by circulating my humble request in your magazine my situation here is very terrible no one brings me food or toilet items I draw your attention on the miserable life through which we are passing ... please come to our aid before we die from starvation ... and ... by faith I say as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me'.

Davies M: 'Here in prison malaria has claimed a lot of lives ... Our prayer group are always praying for you ... please help with supportive Scriptures on how we can draw on (Jesus) for His healing payment as Christians here get no medical help'.

Tanasias Y: 'Our conditions in prison are poor, not sleeping well on concrete floors without bedding, no bathing buckets, bare feet, no means on how to lodge an appeal ... without your help nothing good can come of us ... the morning prayer group pray for the drought to end. Proverbs 25: 25 says as cold water is to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country'.

If this request for pen pals touches your heart and you want to help your brothers in their hour of need, please contact me at Curries Road MS6, Dubbo 2830. I am a pensioner and not on the Internet.

Dubbo, NSW

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