Tom King

Regarding the recent 2020 gathering of great minds in Canberra, perhaps I missed the questions asked about Australia's falling birth rate, decline in adoptions and continuing government subsidy of abortion, within or outside the law.

In fact the single most practical way to minimise the slaughter of the coming generations of Australians is to expand and support the practice of adoption. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2006-07 report, in 1971-72 there were just under 10,000 adoptions in Australia whereas in 2006-07 the figure was a mere 568, and 71 percent of these came from outside Australia.

To reach an informed conclusion, one needs to research the facts, not simply repeat the muddled opinions of politicians.

The investigations of Dr Genevieve Heards and reports by Catherine Sheehan should be essential sermon resources for all the Christian churches. We may then challenge the complacency of the majority that continues to be fed by the bias and ignorance of the secular media.

Bray Park, Qld

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