Adelaide protest (letter)

Adelaide protest (letter)

Pauline Pascoe

The report on a pro-women priests demonstration outside Adelaide's Catholic Cathedral (June AD2000) distressed me and has prompted this letter in defence of my Faith and earlier Dominican nuns who, along with my parents, educated me at Rosary School, Prospect, South Australia. These Dominican nuns, in their dedication to their vocation, were true instruments of the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, religious women, who feel God is calling them to the priesthood and who protest against the Church's teaching authority, are, in effect, imposters. They should not call themselves Dominicans or devout Catholics, since by their actions they have expressed public disobedience to our Holy Father, the Pope.

Women in the Church have a beautiful role model in Our Blessed Mother whose obedience and love of God is without equal. She never took it upon herself to consecrate the bread and wine into her Son's Body and Blood. Our Lord asked us to honour His Mother; what better way than to imitate her virtues.

The Dominican nuns are my sisters in Christ and it is with serious concern that I address them through this article.

May Our Lady Help of Christians, Patroness of Australia, pray for us all.

Table Top, NSW

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