AD Books 'Top Ten'

AD Books 'Top Ten'

Looking for a Christmas gift?

1. Becoming Fire (Fr Ken Barker)
Freedom Publishing

2. Five Loaves and Two Fishes (Archbishop F. X. Nguyen Van Thuan)
Dunmore Press

3. Prove it God (Amy Welborn)
Our Sunday Visitor

4. Good News About Sex and Marriage (Christopher West)
Servant Publications

5. Essence of Feminism (Kirsten Birkett)
Mathias Media

6. Installation of Archbishop George Pell - Video
Catholic Communications, Sydney

7. Good Man of Assisi
Lions Childrens Books

8. Pope John Paul Book of Saints (Edited Margaret Bunson)
Our Sunday Visitor

9. Giving Sorrow Words (Melinda Tankard Reist)
Duffy and Snellgrove

10. Living the Catholic Faith (Archbisop Charles Chaput)
Servant Publications

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