AD Books - More new titles for 2004

AD Books - More new titles for 2004

Anthony Cappello

Black Robe and Tomahawk
George Bishop
Fr De Smet SJ was a remarkable missionary in North America. His influence among the Native Indians induced the US Government to solicit his help in dealing with them. He spent much of his life promoting the Native American cause.
314 pages * Softcover * $37.50

Niels Stensen
Hans Kermit
Danish-born, Niels Stensen was one of the greatest scientists of the 17th century, with an international reputation in anatomy, geology and paleontology. At the height of his career be becane a Catholic priest and later a bishop, working amongst the poor.
192 pages * Softcover * $33.00

This is Your Mother
Ronald Walls
This is Your Mother provides a selection of Old and New Testament passages that connect with each of the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, along with meditations. This is an invaluable resource for parishes, schools and families.
212 pages * Softcover * $24.95

The Immaculate Conception
The Most Rev William Ullathorne
First published in 1854, the year of the Church's definition of the Immaculate Conception, this 1904 edition contains the revisions planned, but not completed, by Archbishop William Ullathorne of Birmingham.
170 pages * Softcover * $27.95

Daniel Mannix: Wit and Wisdom
Michael Gilchrist
Now available, this is a revised and updated edition of the best-seller on the life of Australia's most famous churchman, Archbishop Mannix. Order now! 312 pages * Softcover * $24.95

Fish On Friday
Leonard Feeney
In the 1930s and 1940s, Father Leonard Feeney was America's favourite Catholic author. Here, republished for the first time since 1934, is the entertaining and joyful book that made Fr Feeney a household name in the US.
166 pages * Hardback * $29.95

Defenders of the Faith in Word and Deed
Fr Charles P. Connor
The holiness, herosm, and perseverence of the men and women described by Fr. Connor will inspire and instruct readers defending the Catholic faith in every sort of situation.
229 pages * Softcover * $29.95

Looking Again at the Question of the Liturgy
Edited by Alcuin Reid OSB
This book contains the proceedings of a Liturgical Conference held at the Abbey of Notre-Dame at Fontgombault in the presence of Cardinal Ratzinger.
160 pages * Softcover * $29.75

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