AD2000 to be available online only

AD2000 to be available online only

Peter Westmore

From April 2015, we will not continue the print version of AD2000 which will be available online only. For many years, AD2000 has been available online, through our web site,

The decision has been forced on us by the unsustainable deficits which the magazine has run for some years. To balance the budget by increasing the cover price and annual subscriptions would require a very substantial increase which many of our existing subscribers would not be able to pay, causing a significant loss in our subscription base and postponing the inevitable.

Other print publications face the same dilemma of rising administrative costs to maintain the subscription database, rising editorial costs, as well as printing and postal charges. Many newspapers and periodicals have gone out of business, while others have reduced the frequency of publication.

Increasingly, most of us are getting our news from online sources.

We are very fortunate that our writers are not paid, very generously contributing to the apostolate of the Word.

To continue to provide a service to our existing subscribers, we intend to improve our web site, and additionally, to deliver AD2000 to our readers through email (which eliminates the cost of printing and postage), with text messages being sent to subscribers when each new issue is available. I am not aware of other online publications that provide these services.

Because we expect to save significantly on editorial costs, printing and postage, we intend to pass on these savings to you in lower subscription rates.

We are aware that some of our readers do not use the internet or email. If this affects you, please let us know, so that we can try to help. There are many places today where internet access is freely available.

We are grateful for your continued support, and wish to continue our close association with you.

– Peter Westmore is Publisher of AD2000.

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