AD2000: the changing of the guard

AD2000: the changing of the guard

Michael Gilchrist

Almost a quarter century ago I accepted the invitation of Bob Santamaria to become his AD2000 assistant editor. It seemed a risky move, given that I had a well-paid, tenured lecturing position in Ballarat, a young family to support and the move would involve lengthy travel from the bush to Melbourne each week.

At the time Mr Santamaria cautioned that I would be on a three year trial depending on how AD2000 fared. However, by the time of his passing in 1998, AD2000 had justified his bold decision to found a religious monthly a decade earlier being well established as a significant force for orthodoxy within the Catholic Church, and Christianity generally, in Australia.

It was a great privilege to work closely with one of Australia's outstanding public figures for almost a decade and then to continue his work for another fifteen years as editor under his successor and publisher of AD2000, Peter Westmore.

This considerable length of time in the one position, as compared with the much briefer tenure of the many others I have occupied during my working life, primarily as a teacher and lecturer, speaks volumes for the job satisfaction involved in the AD2000 work. I am grateful to all of those people who have contributed to this happy situation.

I have been most fortunate to associate with countless wonderful, dedicated people over this long period, either those working within the National Civic Council or the many who have contributed articles, book reviews, letters, materials, or good advice, among them bishops, priests, religious and lay people from across Australia and overseas.

This edition of AD2000 will be my last, as far as processing each month's content is concerned. For the time being I will continue to handle the final layouts, working entirely from home in the Victorian bush.

Commencing with the May issue, all materials, correspondence, queries, etc, should be directed to Damian Wyld at PO Box 530, Stepney, SA 5069; tel (08) 8363-5044; email:

Michael Gilchrist: Assistant Editor and Editor (1989-2013)

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