AD2000 staff members awarded federation Centenary Medals

AD2000 staff members awarded federation Centenary Medals


Two AD2000 members of staff - Anthony Cappello and Michael Gilchrist - have been awarded Centenary Medals by the Australian Government.

The Centenary Medal was established by the Australian Government in 2001 to commemorate the centenary of federation and to honour living persons who have made a significant contribution to Australian society and government.

Nominations for the Medal were made by federal, state and local government representatives.

The Medal includes a seven-pointed Commonwealth Star, representing the six Australian states becoming one, while the 100 dots around the rim represent the 100 years of federation. Inscribed around the inner rim are the words "For contribution made to Australian society."

Anthony Cappello received his award "For service to Australian society through writing."

He has written numerous articles on immigration, Church- migrant relationships and migrant history and has presented several papers in Australia and the US on these themes. He has an MA on Italians and Church in Melbourne during 1919 to 1945 and is currently completing a PhD on Italian Australian Religiosity and Southern Italian Familism in Australia.

Mr Cappello is a staff writer for AD2000, manager of Freedom Publishing (which includes AD Books) and is National Secretary of the Thomas More Centre.

Michael Gilchrist received his award "For service to Australian society through Australian literature and commentary."

After a 30-year teaching career in Melbourne Catholic secondary schools and at Melbourne and Ballarat campuses of what is now Australian Catholic University, Mr Gilchrist was asked by the late Bob Santamaria to be assistant editor of AD2000 in 1989. Following Mr Santamaria's death in 1998, he became editor, a position he currently holds.

Mr Gilchrist has written a number of books, among them Daniel Mannix: Priest and Patriot (1982), Rome or the Bush (1986), New Church or True Church (1987), while co-editing Forces and Issues in Australian Politics (1976). In addition, he has contributed numerous articles to Australian and overseas publications on political and religious topics, including being a regular contributor to the US journal, Catholic World Report. He has also given lectures around Australia, New Zealand and the US on aspects of contemporary Catholicism.

'AD2000' editor Michael Gilchrist with Anthony Cappello Michael Gilchrist with the Federal MHR for Ballarat, Catherine King, after the awards ceremony

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