AD2000's Fighting Fund launched

AD2000's Fighting Fund launched

Michael Gilchrist

This year marks the fifteenth year of publication for AD2000. Subscribers may have already received material concerning the 2002 Fighting Fund, but for the benefit of other readers, the present editorial draws attention to this appeal which helps keep AD2000 at the cutting edge of religious publications in Australia.

AD2000 was founded by Mr. B.A. Santamaria in 1988 to address the crisis of faith and practice which afflicted contemporary Christianity, particularly in the Western world. His view was that unless the issues were openly addressed, it would be impossible to reverse what threatened to become a terminal decline.

In a positive sense, AD2000 exists:

* to uphold the fundamentals of Christian faith, as it has been taught for 2000 years, and the Church founded by Jesus Christ, which he established as his instrument on earth, for all ages (including our own), to bring mankind to salvation;

* to challenge modernism and relativism, which have undermined both belief and practice; and

* to help reconstruct and consolidate a new culture of life and orthodox Christian faith in Australia.

Our many outstanding contributors, from Australia and overseas, and enthusiastic letter writers, demonstrate that AD2000 continues to play a vital role in Australia today.

You can help maintain this important work by contributing to the Fighting Fund. Donations can be sent, addressed to "Fighting Fund - AD2000", to 582 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Vic. 3051. Donations will be acknowledged from the next issue.

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