AD2000 Books for May

AD2000 Books for May

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Your Life is Worth Living
Fulton J. Sheen
Previously unpublished, the material in this book consists of transcriptions from a series of recorded talks made in 1965. These talks covered the full range of life's big questions, Catholic doctrines and paths to spiritual contentment.
383 pages * Hardback * $45.00

A Family Retreat
Preached before a church congregation in the 1970s, this retreat consists of twelve half-hour talks directed at all age groups: Youth and Sex, The Devil, Confession, The Meaning of the Mass, Our Cross, and others. It is the only retreat by the late Archbishop filmed in colour.
DVD * $30.00

Receiving the Lord
Bishop Peter Elliott
Bishop Elliott's compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving. Included are extracts from Scripture and the writings of the saints.
47 pages * Softcover * $7.50

The Crisis of Civilization
Hilaire Belloc
Originally published in 1937 with the background of the Great Depression, Belloc's critique of modern capitalism and the economic system provides food for thought as we confront today's world recession.
208 pages * Softcover * $21.90

Thoughts for Daily Living
Fulton J. Sheen
First published in 1955, this collection of brief reflections remains relevant fifty years on. The author discusses 59 areas of daily living accompanied by biblically based advice on how to put thoughts into practice.
184 pages * Softcover * $25.00

Archbishop Fulton Sheen
Here is a precious historical record on DVD of the famous and inspirational Archbishop Fulton Sheen in action giving talks at the Garden Grove Community Church in 1972.
DVD * $39.95

The Immemorial Tridentine Mass
Archbishop Fulton Sheen explains the Traditional Latin Mass in this magnificent 1940 black and white film of a sung High Easter Sunday Mass, complete with choir and orchestra, in Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Chicago.
DVD * $34.95

Children and Parents
Fulton J. Sheen
In this very helpful book Archbishop Fulton Sheen addresses a wide range of issues that parents can expect to confront in their relationships with their children as they grow into adulthood. As the author puts it, the 'secret of happy relations ... is the recognition of limitations'.
131 pages * Softcover * $22.95

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