AD2000 Books for April

AD2000 Books for April

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Render Unto Caesar
Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver provides for believers and non-believers alike a telling case for considering public life in the context of its Christian roots and for an active engagement by Christians in forming the nation's laws. Written in the US context, it has relevance for Australia.
258 pages * Hardback * $44.95

The Bible and the Qur'an
Although written 50 years ago, this classic, now translated from its French original, is more timely than ever. Today's Christians need especially to understand what the Qur'an teaches and how it compares with the Old and New Testaments.
130 pages * Softcover * $22.95

Receiving the Lord
Bishop Peter Elliott
Bishop Elliott's compact publication provides inspirational prayers for Communion to assist Catholics in their preparation and thanksgiving. Included are extracts from Scripture and the writings of the saints.
47 pages * Softcover * $7.50

Covenant of Love
Richard M. Hogan & John M. LeVoir
This valuable analysis of Pope John Paul II's writings on sexuality, marriage and family in the modern world is once more available. Fathers Hogan and LeVoir provide a user-friendly study guide for a better understanding and appreciation of John Paul II's teachings.
329 pages * Softcover * $33.90

The Glory of These Forty Days
Fr James Tolhurst
Father Tolhurst follows his earlier set of Advent reflections with a similar coverage of the Lenten season. Apart from the Scripture readings for each of the 40 days, the author draws on the Church's two millennia treasury of spiritual writings.
102 pages * Softcover * $15.00

Archbishop Fulton Sheen
Here is a precious historical record on DVD of the famous and inspirational Archbishop Fulton Sheen in action giving talks at the Garden Grove Community Church in 1972.
DVD * $39.95

The Immemorial Tridentine Mass
Archbishop Fulton Sheen explains the Traditional Latin Mass in this magnificent 1940 black and white film of a sung High Easter Sunday Mass, complete with choir and orchestra, in Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Chicago.
DVD * $34.95

Children and Parents
Fulton J. Sheen
In this very helpful book Archbishop Fulton Sheen addresses a wide range of issues that parents can expect to confront in their relationships with their children as they grow into adulthood. As the author puts it, the 'secret of happy relations ... is the recognition of limitations'.
131 pages * Softcover * $22.95

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