ACU Syllabus (letter)

ACU Syllabus (letter)

John Kelly

Michael Gilchrist (March AD2000) instances anomalies in the Australian Catholic University's syllabus and alerts readers to their implications for the formation of future Catholic teachers and their students.

In addition to the serious deficiencies of course content itemised in Mr Gilchrist's article, there are further issues to be addressed if ACU's offerings are to be credibly Catholic:

* a growing regard of theology exclusively as an academic exercise and career qualification that can be pursued independently of its genesis in faith and the practice of prayer and sacramental life;

* a failure to recognise the divinely given nature of revelation and faith and a misplaced emphasis on the construction rather than Apostolic derivation of theological truth and meaning;

* a postmodernist lack of conviction about the objectivity and knowability of truth, and the ability of language to make valid affirmations about God.

Surely the evangelisation of academia can only be effected by a teaching community thoroughly versed in and committed to official Church teaching, Catholic history and philosophy, whose own scholarly and faith formation have equipped its members to discern wheat from chaff?

Tranmere, SA

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