Action needed

Action needed

Dick Nolan

In The Church Around the World (October AD2000) I note from the quoted letter from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference that Archbishop Philip Wilson advised of the "hands off" approach by the conference to the case of the recalcitrant Bishop Morris. What a disappointing read!

One would hope for some improvement in our Church when under present practices grave matters are left to drag along for years while those designated by the Vatican to lead us can remain inactive with all problems left for someone else to deal with.

I have heard of a case where the bishop in a diocese (not mine) said he could not deal with a reported breach of conduct unless he had a consensus of his priests! It reminds one of inaction of many bishops to the disastrous aftermath in church affairs following the Second Vatican Council.

It behoves the abovementioned conference, at a time of ever faster communication, to obtain from the Vatican the required authorisation to deal more promptly with such cases as that of Bishop Morris.

Mildura, Vic

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