Action needed

Action needed

Kevin McBride

Your February issue is of compelling interest for those Catholics alarmed and despairing of our Catholic schools. I refer to the article on Br Luke Saker and the text of Bishop Jarrett's homily. Each spells out the facts of our sad situation, although lacking in concrete suggestions for the revolutionary changes surely required.

However, they are brave men indeed to be speaking out so publicly on these issues - and many would agree with them. But where is the robust discussion and action from our Church leaders?

Perhaps some of them are unsure of the extent of their responsibilities or in which direction they should be leading. They may not wish to be unpopular or singled out for ridicule by the media. One can only speculate on this great silence.

Catholics, by and large, now hold a wide range of views on abortion, euthanasia, IVF, homosexuality, divorce, stem-cell research, etc - all drifting or shaped in some way by their Catholic faith. Occasionally they receive a lead from an outspoken member of the hierarchy who enunciates clearly the Church's position on a particular question.

One often hears the cry, "Don't blame the schools. It's the parents' duty to teach and supervise their children". And no doubt most schools are doing their very best in the absence of clear directions as to what they must teach our children, particularly the Ten Commandments, which after all form the cornerstone of our civilisation.

Why do so many of our spiritual leaders remain silent and inactive in the face of this spiritual void?

Meanwhile they have to deal daily with the direct consequences of this: the decline or disappearance of priestly and religious vocations, the ever-dwindling Sunday Mass attendances, and the increasing apathy among those Catholics who want to energise their religious worship but find no inspiration or spirited encouragement from their Church leaders.

Nevertheless, we confidently believe that God knows best and His will will finally prevail.

Aberfoyle Park, SA

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