Accuracy needed

Accuracy needed

Carol V. Phillips

I most heartily agree with Philip Holberton, who questions the new draft English translation of the Order of the Mass in relation to ‘propter nos homines’. Deleting the word ‘men’ is both inaccurate and a pandering to the feminist mindset.

Additionally, I strongly object to the refusal to return to the accurate rendition of the Gloria. The Latin text reads ‘Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis’, which, in earlier Missals was translated accurately as, ‘and on earth peace to men of goodwill."

In the present Missal it is translated as, ‘and peace to His people on earth’, which means something quite different. Here is another feminist rendering, which also alters the meaning of the Angel's greeting to the shepherds at the Birth of the Saviour.

The Angel ‘wishes’ peace to men of goodwill. Even if all men of goodwill can be said to be automatically, or fundamentally, God's people, the Liturgy translators had no right to do such violence to the original Latin. ‘His people on earth’ gives the impression that all men are included in the Angel's greeting, rather than only those of goodwill.

I believe that this distortion ought also to be corrected in the new translation.

Burswood, WA

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