Moya and Leo Morrissey

It would seem a great shame if the article on the "injustice of abortion" (August AD2000) by a year 12 Queensland student was to be ignored. It is excellent material for promoting the right to life in the womb of a mother-to-be.

The student defends the position precisely and describes the horrific act of procuring  an abortion perfectly. It seems the young author has a far greater insight into the implications of the evils of abortion than the clever politicians who voted against the amendment to Victoria's 2008 abortion bill, which permits extermination of a live baby up until birth.

Full praise is due to the year 12 student who wrote the article, and who wishes to  remain anonymous, and to the editor of AD2000 for publishing it.

If the article would but change the hearts and minds of those men and women who are pro-abortion, how rewarding would it be!

Sandringham, Vic

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