Brian Coman

It is my fervent prayer that the New Year and the new government in our home state of Victoria will see a change to our simply awful abortion laws which I understand allow the killing of an infant to full term.

It is just not good enough that we Victorians should forget that the world's worst abortion laws have taken root in our front garden or hide behind the fairy tale that an embryo is not quite human until born.

Everyone knows with all the certainty at our command that each and every descendent of our first parents began life as an embryo, or whatever other name suits one's view to call it. We also know with similar certainty that every such embryo, having survived the womb, has emerged as a fellow human recognisable by all rather than as, say, a sheep or a goat. Therefore it is impossible to avoid the truth that to kill the human embryo, at whatever stage of development, is to kill a human being just as surely as it would be a killing in later life.

Each one of us would do well to ponder this struggle between life and death happening before our very eyes.

Mordialloc, Vic

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