Abortion link

Abortion link

George Simpson

Having read many of Dr Frank Mobb's excellent offerings to AD2000, I was surprised by his letter in the August issue in which he criticised Anne Lastman's Humanae Vitae article in the July issue.

The often-used argument that contraceptive use should reduce the number of abortions, although at first sight reasonable, ignores one important fact. Despite popular opinion and wishful thinking, no method of contraception is 100% effective.

It is hard to credit that all women with unwanted pregnancies took no contraceptive measures. The loosening of sexual morals following the introduction of the contraceptive pill has led to many more unplanned pregnancies and therefore to the temptation to abort.

It cannot be ignored that the increased number of abortions and the public acceptance of abortion has come about at the same time as the acceptance of the contraceptive mentality.

Dr Mobbs also states that he sees no evidence that contraceptive use diminishes marital love. Again, acceptance of the contraceptive mentality coincides with the alarming increase in marital breakdown. The statistics would appear to be too compelling for the two to be unrelated.

North Blackburn, Vic.

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