Abortion laws

Abortion laws

Terry and Rosemary McDonnell

As readers are likely aware, Victoria has the most lethal abortion laws of any country in the Western world. Indeed, one may compare Victoria's abortion laws with the eugenics of Nazi Germany or China's one child policy.

This was highlighted by the recent botched abortion of the "wrong" twin at Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital.

This is especially the case when comparing the final result. For it is abortion on demand and at any stage through pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth.

Today we in Australia are practising pure eugenics. So it's God help us if we are in the womb and are not perfect, have some undesirable characteristic or defect, happen to be the wrong sex, or are simply unwanted.

In many of these cases the law will allow, even encourage, a termination: life ended, no choice.

Yet we once prided ourselves as being in the world's forefront with our system in justice and law. We had sound laws based on Judeo/Christian ethics and culture which were meant to protect even the least of us.

Now it seems we have regressed back to ancient pagan practice where, with the support of law, the sacrifice of humans has become commonplace.

If abortion were to be ended here in Australia it would put an end to taxpayers like ourselves being implicated in the funding of this wholesale killing.

Serpentine, WA

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