Abortion issue (letter)

Abortion issue (letter)

Greg Byrne

The article "The Church and the Greens" raises extremely serious issues because what it means is that we Catholics (including some bishops) must bear a degree of responsibility for Australia's high abortion rate. If this issue had been raised intensively in parishes over the past 30 years there might have been some action.

History never repeats itself but historical trends re-emerge.

There was a film made many years ago about a prosecutor in Nuremberg for war crimes in which he told leading Germans that they had to accept responsibility for what happened to the Jews because they did nothing. All they worried about was their careers and didn't want to know about what was happening in the death camps.

Speaking out on abortion doesn't win too many friends. Indeed it's the opposite. However, one can see from the foregoing that failing to speak out against one evil can lead to further evils. Abortion could be followed by euthanasia and infanticide. Many doctors would do both tomorrow if these were legal and supported by many of the public.

Could all of our bishops be relied on to have life issues raised in parishes if euthanasia or infanticide were legalised? One would hope so. Otherwise we have the classic case of the frog in the water heated up very slowly. The water is already very hot but the frog won't jump out.

Rowville, Vic

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