Abortion grief

Abortion grief

Anne Lastman

As a response to Jo Wainer, referred to in Babette Francis' article 'A False Concept of Moral Equivalence' (July 2008 AD2000) as making 'insinuations about the influence of Irish Catholicism and religious belief on the abortion debate' (page 6), I would like to make mention that Japan is a non-Christian country and yet it recognises and provides for in utero losses including abortion with Mizuko Kuyo, a memorial service of remembrance.

It is not Judeo-Christian, but it does acknowledge the in utero loss as a death experience requiring a place especially designed to honour that loss and express the ensuing grief. It is a place and a remembrance service where mothers can go and be with their child in their loss; and these mothers are openly encouraged to grieve. It is a cop out by Jo Wainer and her like to bring in the Judeo-Christian ethic as cause for post-abortion grief.

Furthermore there is a place in Adria in Italy which has set up a beautiful memorial with a sculpture of a woman enfolding many babies who have died in the womb.

It is gradually being recognised that in utero deaths cause much anguish, irrespective of the nature of the death, including abortion.

Post-abortion grief is a grief which says that the mother deeply regrets the decision made and that the mother misses and longs for her baby which she aborted for whatever the reason at that time.

Vermont, Victoria

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