Abortion breast cancer link (letter)

Abortion breast cancer link (letter)

Dr Tim Coyle

Following the publicised recent breast cancer of a celebrity the local paper, The Cairns Post ran an article on the causes of breast cancer. To their credit they included exogenous hormones, such as the contraceptive pill, but left out the abortion breast cancer (abc) link.

Following further correspondence in the letters columns by myself and another on the abc link, a group of 11 local gynaecologists, consisting of the Cairns City abortionist, the local Professor of gynaecology at the James Cook University, who has stated previously in an article in this paper her willingness to do late abortions for "complex psycho-social reasons", took out a half page article to deny the abc link, citing a recent Lancet report on a study by Valerie Beral.

A Google search on Valerie Beral indicates her ideology and provides a good critique of her study.

It is appalling that science has become compromised in this way. The Beral Lancet study contains at least one glaring inaccuracy and is obviously biased. Challenging the secular culture's moral darkness obviously extends to studies in scientific journals.

Cairns, Qld

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