Anne Boyce

I would be willing to help support the telecasting of My Foetus to help in some way to overcome the horror of abortion, as suggested by Tom King of Queensland (July AD2000).

It seemed to me shocking that Catholics and others of good will should have failed to support Tony Abbott's lead. I heartily agree with Mr King that if we neglect this opportunity we will be accessories before and after the fact.

How can we have come to the point that mothers allow (request) doctors to kill the infants in their wombs!

How can we just accept this situation without a word? Others go to enormous lengths to protect trees, koalas and what have you. They go on protest marches, get struck and arrested, but we're too tired even to write letters.

How much is required for the funding of this TV documentary, and what practical steps must be taken?

I'd be grateful to hear more. And why can't we get EWTN in the regular pay-TV packages?

Strathfield NSW

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