Abortion and health insurance discounts

Abortion and health insurance discounts

Robert Bom

Women of child bearing age in Switzerland who are pro-life and refuse abortions now have access to discount health insurance policies.

At least five insurance companies in Switzerland offer the policies - according to http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/jun/06060602.html - with discounts on policies ranging from ten to forty percent.

For these companies to get involved, they needed to accept worldwide research, that women who want to have abortions or with a history of them, need to be placed in a higher risk classification.

At this stage we should see the Swiss development as a test market that will be keenly watched by insurance companies around the world.

Any move to introduce the concept into Australia will be welcome news for women and families, who are now held to ransom by pro-abortion groups and politicians who are scared to look at the reality of the issue.

Let the markets decide!

Rockhampton, Qld

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