A true shepherd

A true shepherd

Lynn Wise

I wish to comment on the letter from Judith McRae (April AD2000) regarding talking in church.

After a long absence from the Catholic Church, I have, thanks to the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother, returned to Mass attendance and come to know my Jesus again, this time as an adult.

It was however a long journey and one filled with some disquiet. As stated in the above-mentioned article, the practice of talking in church has been one of the hardest things to come to terms with. I find it so distracting and irreverent that I have been torn between wanting to call out for silence and kneeling longer after Mass praying for Our Lord to fill the ignorant with understanding of His true presence in the tabernacle and the reverence that should be shown for being in His house.

In His infinite mercy, our Heavenly Father then brought me to a parish where our parish priest not only insists on silence in the church but has signs put up to inform parishioners and visitors that our parish does not practise communal get-togethers inside the church.

While our parish priest is elderly in years he is so full of the Holy Spirit that he is eager to serve his Lord by providing every opportunity for Mass, devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and confession to the people under his care.

We have Mass every day with adoration before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour before each weekday Mass. Before the Saturday night Vigil and Sunday Masses, we pray the Rosary, while Father is available for Confession during the time of adoration every day and before and after every Mass.

We also have First Friday and First Saturday devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

Father is a true shepherd to his little flock and we are greatly blessed to have him with us.

South West Rocks, NSW

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