A sense of sin

A sense of sin

Henk Verhoeven

One stated aim of the Eros Foundation is "to encourage a heightened understanding of the adult industry". A non-stated aim must surely be to discredit Christianity since the latter tries to inculcate a sense of sin.

A wide awareness of the reality of sin would seriously undermine the sale of porn, the prostitution business, and other profitable activities the Foundation concerns itself with. Sin is seen as a counterproductive concept which has to be extirpated from society.

Anti-Christian bigots must have been smacking their lips when a letter writer to The Sydney Morning Herald recalled an Eros spokesman's claim that there was a 250 per cent increase in Canberra's sex industry during the 1994 World Council of Churches conference.

Full marks for yet another anti-Christian bigot joke, although some people will take any remark that emanates from the mouths of Eros spokesmen as gospel.

Beacon Hill, NSW

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