A Queensland Year 12 student: the injustice of abortion

A Queensland Year 12 student: the injustice of abortion

There are many occasions when justice serves only the strong, the powerful and the rich, but for the weak, the marginalised and those who have no voice, there is often no justice. Every year in this country, close to 100,000 are denied justice because they cannot speak for themselves. Yet, the very basis of our Western civilisation demands respect for innocent human life and defends the rights of the vulnerable and defenceless.

The 100,000 I refer to are the pre-born. They are those who have had their lives extinguished because they were considered an inconvenience, an emotional burden, a physical impediment or a financial hardship. It has been said that the most dangerous place to be alive is in the womb.

Yet our self-professed civilised society turns a blind eye. When was the last time we heard the media refer to the atrocities of abortion? The silence is deafening. Martin Luther King once said, "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by bad people but the silence of good people."


Those in favour of abortion would claim that it's not a baby but just a clump of cells. Isn't it so much easier to kill if you've deluded yourself into believing you're not killing a human being? But medical science can prove without doubt that even at the moment of conception, a human being is present - DNA, eye colour, hair colour, etc, are fixed.

At only three weeks an unborn baby's heart can be heard beating. At six weeks the skeleton is complete, reflexes are present, and brain waves can be recorded. At seven weeks (before most abortions are performed) the unborn child is recognisably human, with a head, face, body, and tiny arms, legs, fingers and toes.

The nervous system is fully developed at eight weeks and the organs - brain, liver, kidneys and stomach are functioning. At 12 weeks, there is thumb-sucking and the breathing of amniotic fluid to develop the respiratory organs. By this time all the body systems are functioning. At 16 weeks the baby can grasp with the hands, swim and turn somersaults and the mother can feel the baby moving. Yet most abortions are performed up to 20 weeks.

Proponents of abortion claim that it's a woman's choice.

Let's stop and consider just what they are saying here, namely, "Women should be able to choose life or death for their unborn babies!" Likewise, Hitler believed it was his choice as to whether he exterminated Jews. Slave owners believed it was their choice to own slaves. Abraham Lincoln, who fought to end slavery in America, once said, "People do not have a right to do wrong."

Also, in many cases, it is not the mother's choice as she is often pressured into an abortion by others, e.g., parents, husbands, partners, or friends.

Another argument used by pro-abortionists is that the unborn child is a part of a woman's body and therefore may be treated as she pleases. In fact, an unborn child is not part of a woman's body. The child is a separate person, with a separate brain, heart, organs and body. The genetic structure is different from the mother's and the blood may be a different type. The unborn child is entirely separate but dependent upon the mother for care and protection just the same as a mother's newborn baby. Likewise, our laws profess to care for and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Sadly, there are many different abortion procedures practised today. These include saline abortion, chemical abortion and physical abortion. Allow me to describe some of these to you.

An unborn baby's nervous system is fully developed by eight weeks which means pain can be experienced. In saline abortion, a salt solution is injected into the womb which burns the skin resulting in a long and painful death for the baby.

In dilation and extraction abortion, the abortionist uses forceps to twist one of the baby's legs and pulls it halfway through the birth canal. The abortionist then punctures the back of the baby's head with sharp scissors and the child's brains are sucked out causing the skull to collapse. Finally the dead baby is removed.

In dilation and curettage abortion, a looped knife is inserted into the uterus to scrape its walls. The baby is then cut apart, and the body parts removed and checked for completeness. Talk about injustice! These babies aren't even given anaesthetic! Can our world become any more cruel?

An African American, Doctor Greer, describes abortion graphically by saying that the abortionist is a hit-man/woman in a mask hired to do the killing. Recently in the USA it was reported that a dumpster was found full of aborted baby parts. What an outrage!


We believed the world to be cruel and unjust 200 years ago when the slave trade was thriving. The movie, Amazing Grace, portrayed the life of William Wilberforce (1759-1833) who lobbied the English parliament for 20 years to stop the trafficking of slaves. Wilberforce was saddened by the effects of slavery which held one class of people to be less human than others.

Abortion does precisely the same thing. It treats the unborn as sub-human and not deserving of protection. A just society demands opposition to slavery. Abortion is the taking of innocent human life and, likewise, a just society should oppose it.

Like Martin Luther King who had a dream of equal justice for all, I too have a dream that justice will one day prevail for the unborn.

This Queensland Year 12 student prefers to remain anonymous.

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