A mixture

A mixture

Arnold Jago

On Saturday, 26 March, 2011, Kristina Keneally publicly conceded that she and her NSW Labor Government had lost the state election. Next day reporters found her at Mass in her local church.

She declined to discuss the election, but said it was "wonderful" to be back at church and - now that she has more time - helping out in parish life. "I am now responsible for the children's liturgy at Easter," she said.

However, Catholic-wise, Mrs Keneally is a mixture.

Back in 2007, she crossed the floor to vote against embryo-killing in stem cell research, saying that such research is based on a "flawed definition of what constitutes human life". Well done.

Later she blotted her copybook by supporting same-sex adoption. "My religious views do not play a part in the legislation that I, as a leader of the Labor Party, bring before the government," she said. "If I look at the gospel message, it is one of acceptance ... Jesus sat with the sinners and the saints. He was not a man of judgment but rather a man of love". Wrong.

Catholics know there will be a Day of Judgment - and they know who the Judge will be.

Sure, Jesus loves all people, including homosexuals. But not their homosexual acts. It's like alcoholism. God loves alcoholics. But he doesn't love them getting drunk.

Mildura, Vic

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