A letter from the Publisher

A letter from the Publisher

Peter Westmore

Dear Friend of AD2000,

Every year at this time, we ask readers whether they might be able to donate to the Fighting Fund, which supports AD2000 and the National Civic Council, with which AD2000 is associated.

This request to you is undertaken with some trepidation. I am acutely aware that the financial demands on families today are heavier than ever, in many cases being additional to commitments to running a family farm, a business, holding down a job (for many families, unfortunately, a second job), and educating children.

Yet the challenges which face us and our community are immense, as a result of a culture of secular humanism, which is hostile to the Judaeo-Christian foundations of society; and widespread acceptance of a radical individualism, which rejects any moral absolutes.

Modern Western culture - as expressed in the press, on film and TV, in popular music and through the Internet - usually reflects these values, and to that extent, undermines traditional values and beliefs.

Mr. B.A. Santamaria, who established AD2000 13 years ago, saw that an effective response to this challenge required committed men and women to articulate an alternative vision of society, based on several principles, including respect for every person from the moment of conception to natural death; recognition of the family as the fundamental social unit; and recognition of the intrinsic value of religious belief and practice.

Your assistance to the Fighting Fund enables us to continue this work, in both the religious and secular arenas, where the battle of ideas is being fought out. Therefore I ask: can you help us, once again?

Peter Westmore (Publisher) - E-mail: freedom@connexus.net.au

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