'Temple Police'

'Temple Police'

Patricia Byrnes

Thank you for the article (June AD2000) on the dismissal of Bishop Morris. I agree with Cardinal Pell that it is a tragedy and a shame that this man, who has so many strengths, at the same time confused so many good people for so long.

The Diocese is suffering, and will continue to suffer, with Toowoomba priests using diocesan facilities to hold meetings to organise dissent, and to raise money for media coverage in support of Bishop Morris. Meanwhile, the orthodox Catholics that remain are looking for leadership.

I myself am before the regional Catholic tribunal because a local priest alleges that I accused him, at a small parish council meeting attended by two of the Bishop's representatives, of being unorthodox. I am still under oath (and this has dragged on for two years) not to discuss anything that happened at that meeting.

However I can say that at a previous parish council meeting we discussed some statements that the local priest had made at a series of public lectures. One of these statements was that the Resurrection of Christ was not bodily, "not of corporeal matter". The priest said it would not affect his faith if the bones of Jesus were found in a grave.

So who is it that seems to be employing the "Temple Police" here?

Toowoomba, Qld

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