Fr. M. Durham

On 18 November 2007 the Brisbane Sunday Mail included an item about 'schoolies' on the Gold Coast.

The paper reported that there is a store in Broadbeach, aptly named the 'Condom Kingdom,' doing a roaring trade. It also reported that pharmacies were busy distributing the morning after pill. One is left to wonder how many abortions will take place after schoolies is over.

Undoubtedly not all of the schoolies would avail themselves of the above 'amenities,' but, human nature being what it is, it would be safe to bet that the predominant culture of sex, drugs, alcohol and rock and roll combined will only spiral downwards as time goes on unless some drastic action is taken.

Parents and Catholic secondary schools need to work together to dissuade year 12 students from attending. In addition, perhaps an alter- native celebration could be arranged and promoted.

One also needs to realise that the driving force behind Schoolies in its present form is the almighty dollar.

Rockhampton, Qld

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