'Partner' or spouse? (letter)

'Partner' or spouse? (letter)

Peter Hannigan

It seems that most, if not all, of forms for various purposes issued by government, social and commercial agencies, do not allow for the category of "spouse". Rather, persons in relationships, whether of legal marriage or of de facto status, are all referred to as "partners".

My enquiries to date indicate that this could well be due either to staff ideology, or as a result of complaints made by the non-married, even when the choice of "spouse" or "partner" was allowed for on the relevant form.

The matter may seem minor, but in a quite insidious way it is a denigration of the legal, social and religious status of marriage and the family, and offensive to those who value their marriage for what it is and for what it means. It is also a ploy of social engineering that, for the good of society at large, must be defeated.

I suggest that, where applicable, the word "partner" be erased and the word "spouse" inserted on all forms from whatever source; and that a note of correction and complaint be attached to the form on return. Also that any letter in which the word "partner" is used, instead of the appropriate term "spouse", be corrected and returned to the issuing agency with a polite note of complaint and of non-compliance.

This is a simple but most important matter. We must take action to resist the imposition of secular, humanist standards that are both offensive and demeaning.

Adamstown Heights, NSW

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