'New Catholicism' (letter)

'New Catholicism' (letter)

Richard Congram

To remain a practising, orthodox Catholic today one needs various attributes, including a prayer life, an unshakeable faith, the patience of Job and a rather thick skin.

Regrettably, we live in an age of sillythink and sillyspeak, both within and outside the Church. Sillythink is exemplified in the current culture of anthropocentrism within the Church, i.e., mankind first and God second. An example of sillyspeak is a statement like "We are Church" - a totally meaningless, ungrammatical expression. Constant prayer is essential if such alien pressure is to be resisted and true faith retained.

With numerous incumbents of our pulpits and editors' chairs of the new persuasion, one needs infinite patience and self-control to avoid confrontation. It is not easy to remain calm and silent when presented with errors and deliberate half-truths. (Mind you, I am never quite certain of the need for restraint in the light of Our Lord's treatment of the money-changers and others who desecrated the temple in Jerusalem (John 2:13-17 et al)

Like many outside the Church, those within of the new persuasion delight in portraying orthodox Catholics in an unflattering light. We have been described variously as uneducated and ill-informed, spies and conspirators and fundamentalists. Today I heard a new epithet used - "Christo-Fascists".

Internal name-calling is a mere trifle, but a matter of the greatest importance is the fact that the "New Catholicism" of the past forty years has resulted in two generations being not "stolen", but lost to the Faith. Yet the promoters of this aberration press on. If they admit the tragedy at all, they answer that the culture of the day is to blame. It is not. If it were, the elderly, who comprise about 80 percent of the congregation in our churches, would also have voted with their feet and and left long since.

Brisbane's Catholic Leader of 2 June 2002 noted that most of the few young Catholics who attend Mass reported "low levels of satisfaction." Of course they would. The new persuasion feeds them pap and gruel, while their souls hunger for the red meat of Catholicism.

Holland Park, Qld

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