'Misandry' (letter)

'Misandry' (letter)

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With great wisdom it has been said: "Belief in God is the unshakeable foundation of all Christian order and responsibility on Earth" (vide Pope Pius Xl's encyclical letter Atheistic Communism).

More recently, two American researchers, Paul Matheson and Katherine K. Young, in the first published book of their trilogy, Beyond the Fall of Man, write about misandry - the spread and teaching of contempt for men within Western culture.

They issue a grave warning to those who do not wish anarchy, terrorism or injustice to prevail in our society to take energetic steps to prevent the enemies of Christian religion from attaining the goals ideological feminists so boldly proclaim to our world. We can certainly not have any worthwhile civil authority unless we accept the authority of God.

Attention also needs to be drawn to the fact that if we are not careful, misandry could thrive in the Church.

It is not a pleasant experience, on telling a pastoral associate that I was reading the Gospels and concentrating of the words of Christ, to be told in horrified tones, "I don't think that's a good idea"; and then to the amazed response, "why ever not", to be told "the Apostles, being mere men, could have got it all wrong."

How could they have "got it all wrong" when Christ, while on Earth, spent so much time teaching them and finally giving them the authority to carry on in His name when He said, "All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me. Go you therefore and teach all people all the things I have commanded you to teach"?

Through Christ and His Apostles, God is the author of the Bible. God's revelation of Himself may have been limited by the modes of expression of the different eras in which the Bible was written, but it is certainly a revelation of what God wants for His Church.

The spread of misandry, especially in the Church, should cease for the good of all.

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