'Live Worship: Lifted', by Emmanuel Worship

'Live Worship: Lifted', by Emmanuel Worship

Anthony Cappello

Emmanuel Worship
(Music produced and arranged by Patrick Keady and James Garrahy. CD available from AD Books)

Live worship and praise music are extremely popular with young Christians. Emerging from the Charismatic-Pentecostal movement, this form of music is now very well established in Catholic circles.

In Australia, its introduction into the Catholic Church has been through the new religious movements. There is no doubt that these new religious movements are revitalising the Church and hence its attraction to young people. But this form of live worship - praise singing - using modern sound equipment and instruments projects a strong sense of religious zeal and commitment, and not simply a desire to entertain.

A new CD produced by Emmanuel/Worship, titled Live Worship: Lifted, is just that, with the lyrics of its songs representing moving, inspirational forms of prayer. The CD is in the tradition of other successful Australian recordings produced by Hillsongs, in Sydney.

The music, produced and arranged by Patrick Keady and James Garrahy, was recorded in September 2001 at an Ignite conference in Brisbane. According to Emmanuel Worship Director, James Garrahy, his hope is that these new songs will touch people's hearts and encourage the Church community to "sing a New Song" that will remind people "that with God you can soar".

Garrahy uses a powerful image on the CD's cover showing a young child being lifted up by her father who is ready to catch her.

The CD should have a positive impact on young people and one hopes this will be the first of many such CDs from Emmanuel worship. Their style and approach to the New Evangelisation is refreshing and encouraging - surely a sign of hope in the Church today.

Anthony Cappello is a young Catholic writer who works from Melbourne.

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