'Creating Our Future' (letter)

'Creating Our Future' (letter)

Mrs Jeanette Joseph

As a parishioner of the Toowoomba Diocese, I have very grave doubts that the Diocesan Pastoral Plan will motivate our youth or anybody else to great spiritual renewal. It is a lengthy, politically correct, all-inclusive document that says very little and tells nothing of Catholic beliefs or truths. Rather, it encourages and endorses ideas and ideals from New Age and "Australian Spirituality" authors and advocates.

At the recent Jubilee celebrations in Toowoomba, bus-loads of children came from all corners of the Diocese to attend a Saturday night concert and Sunday morning ecumenical service led by Bishop Morris. Mass was not offered at the biggest Catholic celebration of the Jubilee year - while most children attending would have missed Mass, for there was no other opportunity available on the day.

As a grandmother who travelled the world in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I can honestly say I have never seen the like of the antics that constitute "liturgy and worship" in many of the Toowoomba Diocese's churches.

Dalby, Qld

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