'Contraception: The Hidden Truth' by Christine de Stoop

'Contraception: The Hidden Truth' by Christine de Stoop

Katie Forster

(Sydney, 2000, 198pp. Inquiries to AD Books)

In the 33 years since Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae, we have seen a massive decline in respect for life. Contraception, abortion and euthanasia are now all accepted in various parts of the world. IVF is widely used and even cloning is being debated.

Pope Paul VI prophesied all these abuses in 1968 in his encyclical, realising that once contraception became commonplace, the slippery slide would continue. He was right.

Contraception: The Hidden Truth does exactly as its title suggests - it reveals the lies and anti-life agenda behind contraception. In a clear, logical question-and-answer format, it demolishes any and all pro-contraceptive arguments.

Christine de Stoop states in her introduction: "I have gathered for clarity of understanding the philosophical, medical, social and theological reasons why contraception is indeed a very grave matter - so that you may come to understand, as I have, the loveless lies of contraception."

De Stoop begins with the natural moral law and how contraception is unnatural and harmful to those who use it. This then leads into the Church- accepted birth control method - Natural Family Planning - with an illuminating explanation on why NFP is Church-approved: NFP remaining passive towards life whereas contraception aggressively prevents it.

Throughout her chapter on Natural Family Planning de Stoop uses repeatedly the beautiful language of love embodied in NFP, while showing how the natural method liberates couples, enabling them to have a totally honest and accepting relationship.

In a following chapter on the social consequences of contraception, statistics show how a contraceptive society harms everyone - men, women and children. People can be viewed in terms of usefulness - wanted or unwanted - leading at times to a "survival of the fittest" mentality.

The next chapter documents the terrible effects contraception can have on healthy women, reason enough for them to reject these 'sexist' and unnecessary drugs. The author also highlights the failure rates of each birth control method.

The final two chapters detail the most harmful effects of contraception - the spiritual consequences. De Stoop explains that Humanae Vitae is not only still valid for us today, but it is also necessary.

Contraception: The Hidden Truth represents a potent challenge to our pro-contraceptive society. It is highly recommended for everyone - those who practise contraception as well as those who do not.

Katie Forster is a Melbourne Catholic writer.

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