Arnold Jago

The Josephite Sisters, the Catholic Order founded by Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop (Saint Mary of the Cross), have published a fourth collection of their founder's letters.

The new book, Mary MacKillop and a Nest of Crosses, contains the letters she wrote around the time of her "excommunication". The book was launched on 17 June but, apart from a few mentions in Catholic publications, has been pretty much ignored by the Australian media.

Almost as though, having successfully domesticated this Saint as being a "dinkum Aussie", a "rebel" - even a "feminist" - they don't want people reading what the real Mary MacKillop, the ardent, traditional Catholic Mary MacKillop, was actually all about, and what she said in her own words.

Mildura, Vic
(Editor: This book is available through Freedom Publishing).

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