2012 Fighting Fund Progress

2012 Fighting Fund Progress

This month, we commence acknowledging generous donations received to support the 2012 Fighting Fund, launched in our September issue. Due to space limitations some donations won't be acknowledged until next month.

The Fighting Fund was established to help the fight for Christian values in public life. There are many examples of where this is needed today. At the time of writing, there are currently three bills before Federal Parliament supporting same-sex unions, and additionally, Green members of parliament have moved to legalise same-sex "marriage" at the state level.

Separately, bills to legalise euthanasia have been introduced into state parliaments and must be resisted. The silent holocaust of abortion takes the lives of about 100,000 of the most vulnerable Australians every year, and causes immense damage to Australian women.

Your donation to the Fighting Fund, PO Box 251, Balwyn, Vic 3103, will help ensure the continuation of efforts to promote Judeo-Christian values in public life.

Anonymous (16) $1,115.00

Total acknowledged (listed in the print edition of AD2000) $6,370.00

Total received $13,890.00

Online donation available

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