2011 Fighting Fund contributions

2011 Fighting Fund contributions

In this issue of AD2000 , we commence our annual Fighting Fund appeal to give readers the opportunity to help ensure the continuation of AD2000 and its associated works. We are all aware that there needs to be a strong and articulate Christian presence in all walks of life in Australia, to preserve the Christian values on which Australian society was founded, and without which it will not continue to survive and flourish. This is primarily the responsibility of lay people rather than religious leaders, and AD2000 is committed to playing its role.

It is incumbent on every one of us to ensure that this voice is not silenced by our apathy, or by the prevailing secular culture which seeks to marginalise Christianity, to confine it exclusively to the private sphere. By contributing to the Fighting Fund, you are helping ensure that Christian values are defended and proclaimed throughout our country, for the good of all.

The following donations are gratefully acknowledged:

Total acknowledged (in the print edition) $7,640.00

Total received $16,627.00

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