2010 Fighting Fund progress

2010 Fighting Fund progress

Your support will enable the continuation of this work, including  AD2000, which plays a unique role in the battle for religious orthodoxy in Australia.

Total received to date $23,428.10

You may donate by phone or online on our Subscription and Donation page at www.ad2000.com.au/subscribe.html. Simply select "None" for the subscription type, and enter the Donation amount.

Our grateful thanks to all who support our work with your prayers and financial assistance.

An Ideal Gift

Why not give a year's subscription to  AD2000 to a friend, relation or parish priest?

Australian subscriptions cost $50.00 (overseas rates see our Subscription and Donation page above


Perhaps your parish priest might consider allowing copies of  AD2000 to be sold in the parish on a trial basis.

For further information on any of the above please call our subscriptions department on (03) 9816-0800

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