2009 Fighting Fund launched

2009 Fighting Fund launched

Peter Westmore

The Fighting Fund is the annual appeal published in AD2000, and our sister publication News Weekly, to enable our readers to assist the continuation of these voices in Australian society.

Since its establishment over 20 years ago, AD2000 has played a very important role in upholding Catholic orthodoxy at a time when it is under constant attack by the secular media which denies the ethical foundations of Christianity. Instead the mass media for the most part promotes cultural relativism while rejecting the moral absolutes and Judeo-Christian heritage on which our society's well-being depends.

In the process the dominant secular culture has contributed to an on- going coarsening of our society.

Additionally, the obscene rewards for unbridled greed and selfishness in the financial system have created the conditions for the global economic crisis which is still to run its course.

At the same time, there are many discordant voices within our religious tradition which seek an accommodation with the prevailing secular culture, or wish to reduce Christianity to being a purely cultural, historical phenomenon.

The role of AD2000 is to uphold Christian orthodoxy in all its dimensions - scriptural, doctrinal and cultural - and to highlight the positive developments which, despite the corrosive influence of contemporary culture, may well lay the foundations for a gradual future recovery.

AD2000 thereby plays a modest but necessary part in the preservation not only of the Faith but of our society as well.

Your assistance to the 2009 Fighting Fund (see page 18) will help ensure the continuation of this work.

Peter Westmore, the publisher of AD2000.

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