2004 Fighting Fund launched

2004 Fighting Fund launched

Michael Gilchrist

Founded in 1988 by Bob Santamaria, AD2000 has consistently defended Christian values in society, and the cause of Christian orthodoxy.

It has built up a strong base of support across Australia and overseas, and is now regarded as an authoritative magazine of religious opinion, with regular contributions from many Australian bishops, priests, religious and lay people.

AD2000 could not exist without the support of an organisation that is unique in Australia - perhaps even in the world - the National Civic Council, which addresses the harmful impact of the 1960s cultural revolution on society and the churches.

The NCC has been in the forefront of defending the integrity of marriage and the family, Judeo-Christian values and Australia's national sovereignty in the face of the twin threats of secular individualism and globalism.

The role of AD2000 is set within this context. Its prime focus on religious orthodoxy complements that of other bodies such as the Australian Family Association, News Weekly magazine and the Council for the National Interest.

To continue with this indispensable work, the NCC in general and AD2000 in particular depend on annual fund-raising projects such as the Fighting Fund.

Please give generously to the 2004 Fighting Fund.

Credit card donations may be made here

  • Michael Gilchrist: Editor (email - mtg@netconnect.com.au)

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