1999 Fighting Fund launched

1999 Fighting Fund launched

Peter Westmore

In this issue, we commence our annual appeal to readers of AD2000 to support the 1999 Fighting Fund.This appeal has been used to provide the financial resources for certain projects which would otherwise never get off the ground. One was the founding of AD2000 itself, over ten years ago.

As Mr Bob Santamaria observed, this was a risky venture, undertaken at a time when other religious publications in Australia were closing down; and when the future of Christianity in Australia, as a moral and spiritual force, seemed decidedly uncertain.

There can be no doubt that, since its formation, AD2000 has become a beacon of religious orthodoxy, a point of reference, and a source of intelligent comment and information on many of the most decisive questions which face the Church today.

Every issue of AD2000 bears testament to the fact that the struggle between orthodoxy and modernism continues unabated, and that the battle for the future of Christianity in Australia is still unresolved.

We are committed to continuing this work; but we need your help to do so. Donations will be acknowledged in future issues of AD2000. Our address for donations is PO Box 186, North Melbourne, Vic 3051.

We cannot offer tax deductibility, or any of the other incentives usually offered to encourage your support. But if you are able to support the Fighting Fund, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a significant contribution to the preservation of Christianity in Australia.

In anticipation of your support.

Peter Westmore: Publisher (email - freedom@connexus.net.au)

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