11 September, 2001: The Towers

11 September, 2001: The Towers

Will Elsin

11 September, 2001: The Towers

(A Little of how it made me feel)

They stood so straight and mighty to inspire
Manhattan's populace would never, ever tire
Of their great needles in the lowering sky.

Twin spires, the envy, up, up high
The envy, yes, the magnet, the steel
Which stamps a sucked-out, lucid, mind-sick, seal
On all-so-vivid image changes to minor seventh -
These dastardly cataclysms on September, eleventh!

Darkest, cunning, foul-souled, so torrid -
Disembowelling, dire, smoke-flashed burning, jumping ... aargh! ...

One has no forehead ...
What hit you say, what pure madness!
Return which enemy's fire?

Dig, dig, you hard-tasked heroes through the mess
Till you extract your precious, gruesome treasure
Annealed in asbestos and molten steel, our priceless, creepy, powder-flesh!

Now cries and phone-rings cease,
And provoke a silent whispering it seems ...
Oh no, it's just those newer sewer rats
Who've come to feast and multiply
And populate the earth.

[Great God, sweet Lord, out there, please hear us
And never more let such dread and horror near us.]

Réquiem aetérnam dóna éis, Dómine *
Et lux perpétua lúceat éis.

Te décet hymnus Déus in Sion, et tíbi reddétur vótum in Jerúsalem: exáudi oratiónem meam; ad te ómnis cáro veniet.

© Will Elsin 2001

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